We are dedicated to providing executives the tools required to address the many challenges facing their business.

Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever. Unless you are fortunate enough to enjoy a wide moat buttressed by a strong proprietary position, you require excellent competitive intelligence to navigate your market; a clear set of key performance indicators to chart your path forward and a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees to execute your plan.

The Wochok Group brings to you years of executive experience. We are here to help you improve the overall performance of your business.

​​Dr. Zachary S. Wochok founded the Wochok Group following an extensive career in technical and business management. For over twenty five years he has held CEO or COO position in the agribusiness, biotechnology, ingredients and food industries.

His hands-on experiences range from managing start-ups, turn-arounds, established companies preparing for sale, and operating entities of multi-billion dollar multi-national public corporations.

He has served in various board capacities of both private and public companies and is experienced in the management of both private and publicly held companies.

He understands the broad needs of all stakeholders in any size enterprise, including all elements of measuring performance to building the culture required to drive success.  

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